Sleight of Hand

Here's to the people who get overwhelmed. The people who look out at the city lights from the hillside and wonder... Who are all those others, down there, with their busy lives? Why do they go on, killing time? The questions tumble like dancers before them. Their muscles tense as they watch the street lights … Continue reading Sleight of Hand


Osotua and Arizona

I am currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, and wondering how the hell I got here. It's been three weeks since my flight landed in the desert. Midnight, I arrived, and yet even with the pitch-black sky it felt like I was disembarking from the plane directly into an oven. The heat here is tremendous: dry … Continue reading Osotua and Arizona

Completing the Circle, with Coheed and Cambria

I want to share something magical with you, something transcendent. It involves a band, a group of friends, an album, and a decade-long stretch of lifetime. It's one of those stories that reminds us that, though it doesn't feel like it in this very moment, we're all going in the same direction: forwards. Sand trickles … Continue reading Completing the Circle, with Coheed and Cambria

Today’s TV Binge Culture is Ruining the Viewing Experience

Today, on my run, I listened to a great podcast episode by Stuff You Should Know. They were discussing crazy fan theories, and it was super entertaining. Did Will Smith die and Bel Air is the afterlife? Are Garfield strips the hallucinations of a dying cat? Are Spock and Sherlock Holmes distantly related? Not only are … Continue reading Today’s TV Binge Culture is Ruining the Viewing Experience

Amotz Zahavi and The Handicap Principle

A very innovative Israeli biologist just recently passed away. His name was Amotz Zahavi, and his work in the 1970s (and since) revolutionised the way we think about animal communication. My impression is that he was somewhat of a renegade in the field of evolutionary biology, creatively fighting against the academic status quo with his ideas. … Continue reading Amotz Zahavi and The Handicap Principle